DQX Floral Tea Bags 14 g

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DQX Floral Tea Bags 14 g
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The packaging is cute and unique, but to be honest, the tea bag smells good, but it tastes no different from plain water — super light. If you want to drink tea seriously, it is definitely not recommended!
This one is really cute. There are 7 packets of tea in each but I don't know the taste. There are not many in each package, but the design is very good
Tea bags that will make you laugh for ten minutes
Buy net black tea and try it. The tea taste is super weak, rounding to the nearest equals to nothing. I can't see what flavor it is on the small package, I only know it after soaking. The flash card I sent was too silly. Will not repurchase
Finally had the opportunity to try the famous tea beauty. There are seven tea bags in a box. You have to open them to know what the flavor is. The packaging is creative. However, some tea bags will contain additional artificial flavors. If you want to drink tea purely, please pay attention.
The taste of tea is too weak, you have to use a small coffee cup to make it more flavorful. The price does not match the quality. It is really just buying cassava and returning beads. It is just a feeling, not recommended
It’s shaped like a TV. It’s so cute.
Queenie Q
Delicious! Soak in cold water and the taste will come out! I like peach oolong and grape oolong ♥️
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14 g

DQX Floral Tea Bags

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