DXC-Mini Fried Dough Twist-Spicy 120 g

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DXC-Mini Fried Dough Twist-Spicy 120 g
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Reviews (14)
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Although it is spicy, the powder on the surface has a little taste, and people who don't like spicy food can eat it. The entrance is crispy and salty, and the size is suitable, one bite. Good with tea and coffee.
Love this snack
Well, the spicy taste is delicious, but it's not spicy, it's more like salt and pepper.
Jian Wu
The twist is small and crisp, not much spicy
I bought the spicy flavor for the first time, it was delicious! Slightly salty aroma, I think it tastes better than sweet. Will repurchase.
Tasty, crunchy, slight sweetness with a umami saltiness. Tempting to eat a handful at a time (but have to limit my snacking due to the high calorie and fat content!)
I really like this one, it's delicious 😋
The serving size is not large. The disadvantage is that the package does not have its own sealing strip. After opening, you have to find a container and store it in a sealed container. But in fact, I don’t need it either. It’s crispy, it’s not very salty, it’s slightly spicy, and it’s easy to wipe out a bag without knowing it. I hope that the discount will be more powerful
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Unit Qty:
120 g
sesame, Wheat (Gluten).


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