Doll Dim Sum Shrimp Cheong Fun Rice Roll 203 g

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Doll Dim Sum Shrimp Cheong Fun Rice Roll 203 g
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After eating two mouthfuls, I remembered to take pictures. The delicious rice rolls can be eaten in a microwave oven for 2 minutes and 48 seconds, which is very convenient.
I steamed it for breakfast. Pretty good. Kids like it, too.
Steam it for 10-15 minutes and eat it, which is very convenient. The stuffed shrimp is okay, not too bad, but there is no big surprise.
This is my husband’s favorite freezer. You must stock up or you will panic XD The taste of the rice rolls is very good to our appetite, and it won't be too salty when it is dipped in sauce. It can be regarded as the frozen tea drinking single product with the highest repurchase rate in our family!
The rice roll itself is delicious and convenient, but it is! Varied! NS! There will be coriander in it, my goodness. The loyal member of the Global Anti-Coriander Association is very desperate. The delicious rice rolls are mixed with the smell of coriander.
This Cheung Fun rice roll is so delicious 🤤. It didn't have time how long to put in microwave. My microwave is 1200 Watts, I put the rice roll for 2 minutes and 30 second. Thank goodness minimum purchase 2 pack otherwise I am going to regret it.
The price is not bad, my son’s favorite, his glutinous rice chicken is also our must-have product
Susan Su
It’s delicious, but it’s gone after a few bites. I have to buy a little more at a time😂
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Hong Kong
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203 g


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