Dongkui Yangmei, Frozen 2.2 lb

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Dongkui Yangmei, Frozen 2.2 lb
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Reviews (7)
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Rachel K e
Weee! The frozen bayberry tastes quite good, but it must be placed at room temperature before eating.
I got it with good luck. I think it tastes better than expected. I took it out for a while before eating. It was sour and sweet. But don’t wait until it’s full, in that case the taste and texture will be quite different
This is a big bag! The bayberry is also very big, and you can eat it after thawing. The sweet and sour is very delicious.
It was frozen just after taking it out, I hope it's delicious😋
It's sour and sweet. It feels better than fresh ones. Smell of bayberry
I bought it at a discount and it looks good
Bought two packs of four kilograms. Four cups of juice! delicious. Hey. I can’t eat fresh bayberry, so I have to bayberry juice to relieve my greed
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Unit Qty:
2.2 lb