Dongkui Yangmei, Frozen 454 g

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Dongkui Yangmei, Frozen 454 g
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Reviews (9)
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Although the flavor of frozen bayberry cannot be compared with the fresh one, it still has a pure bayberry flavor, a childhood memory. You can also use a blender to make juice, which is much better than the frozen bayberry juice sold.
It is not tasty, sour, no other taste at all, and the taste is not good. It is recommended that those with sensitive teeth do not buy it, and will never repurchase it again. This bag can only be put in the trash can ☹️😞
Although many people have average comments, as a child who has never eaten fresh bayberry, I think the frozen ones are quite delicious!
Personally think it is not delicious. There is a strange smell. Not sweet or sour. Will not repurchase.
洋仔. ✨
Bayberry is too sour and will not repurchase!
Xiao Fang
Strange taste, I don’t know if it’s too much preservatives.
Not sweet, not sour, no taste, no repurchase
It is not sweet, not sour, and tasteless, so it is not recommended to buy.
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Unit Qty:
454 g

You don’t need to defrost it completely, it's better taste when it's cold.

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