Dried Jujube 680 g

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Dried Jujube 680 g
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Reviews (45)
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The jujubes are very big, a big pack. But it looks bad inside l hao ji ke
Nice and big jujube dates! Good quality!
Nice dried jujube, and it is really good to make the jujube cakes!
Very big pack! Taste very good. I’m sure I’ll buy it again.
It's a big one, the quantity is very large, the special price is also cheap, but it has a little sour taste, and it can be eaten dry! I have eaten half a pack!
It is worthy of the big red dates. Each one is big and the red dates have a strong flavor. You can smell them when you open the bag. They are really good and cheap, and they must be repurchased.
Jenny Ji
I ordered it for the first time, but it was quite unexpected when I received it. The jujubes are big and sweet. After washing it, I ate a few raw, which is very good!
Red dates are very big, I usually use them to soak in hot water
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Unit Qty:
680 g

Dried Jujube 680g