Farmers Grange Dried Bayberry 108 g

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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
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Farmers Grange Dried Bayberry 108 g
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Reviews (30)
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The classic is the classic, and the taste is just right and not very sweet
Yes, the taste when I was young, I can relieve my hunger when I want to eat domestic snacks. A bigger portion would be better.
It's very rare. You can actually eat snacks that you ate in China when you were a child. Thank you Weee!
It's so good. I almost eat the whole thing in one sitting. I'm so glad I bought 3 packs. Love the flavor. Right amount, super moist.
I have eaten this brand of bayberry at a friend’s house and thought it was very good. I immediately placed an order. I received it today, um, it’s really delicious, not dry, a bit juicy, repurchase
?Lillian ✨✨
Not bad, you can eat it if you are greedy, it tastes good
This dried bayberry is very delicious. I bought three packs and stocked it after eating.
The taste is a bit different from when I was a kid
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108 g


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