Ferme Sunshine Almond Powder 500 g

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Ferme Sunshine Almond Powder 500 g
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Yes, it's good to drink hot in cold weather, and it's delicious to drink ice in summer.
I buy it often and love this brand of almond flour and soy milk!
This jar is sugar-free, very good, you can adjust the sweetness yourself. If you want to make it thicker, a mug is about 3-4 tablespoons as high, soaked in it, it's fragrant, delicious, and beautiful. I probably drank 5-6 cups and it was almost half a can, and I have to wait for the special price to repurchase.
The taste of the first purchase is not very good, and the almond flavor is not as strong as Hong Kong-style almond tea. There is no production date and I don’t know if I can drink it with confidence. I will not repurchase it in the future. I recommend this Hong Kong-style almond tea.
Repurchased many times, the taste is good and the ones that are not added are not added, so you can eat with peace of mind!
First time purchase. I am looking forward to it. But after looking for it for a long time, I can’t find the production date and expiration date. After opening, the almond flavor is still very strong. It is slightly caked in it. It tastes good. Can weee tell the production And the expiration date so that you don’t want to eat expired products and you can buy them with confidence.
Almond flour is a regular drink at home, this brand has no messy additives, start with
The price is more expensive, so buy it when you have a discount. The quality is very good. Not too sweet. If you like a little batter, add less water or milk.
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500 g
Tree Nuts.


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