Five Spiced Soup Base 240g 240 g

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Five Spiced Soup Base 240g 240 g
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Reviews (62)
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Everyone says it's delicious, so hurry up and order to try
I bought it for the first time, and the evaluation was good. Try it.
Come here when the price is affordable
I like it very much, stock up a lot when the discount is on
This is the first time I bought it. There are three packets of powder and three packets of dry ingredients. Haven't tried yet. Hope praise
One recommended by a friend, buy it at a discount this time and try it
It turns out that when the water is boiled and the powder is added, it becomes a pot of meatball soup (stuffed together) 😭 failed
Good quality and low price, simple and safe. There are three-powder noodle packets and three servings of tofu skin in one box, which can be used for three meals. The first time I did it, I had no experience with less water. Later, I added a lot of water. I felt that I could make a big pot, otherwise it would be salty. Seeing that the ingredients are so simple but so delicious, I can’t help but plan to make it by myself in the future. The taste is pretty good. There are no fresheners or preservatives yet. It is really worth buying or trying. This taste is basically not spicy, slightly peppery, small The baby can't eat it. The only thing to note is that the main ingredient is maltodextrin for thickening, and people with high blood sugar should use it with caution.
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240 g

Five Spiced Soup Base 240g

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