Flowever Jasmine Tea Xuehao 105 g

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Flowever Jasmine Tea Xuehao 105 g
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Reviews (81)
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影子( Holly)
Inside is a bag, with a strong fragrance of jasmine.
Hot soak is not good at all, it smells okay, it tastes astringent, not fragrant at all, try cold soak next time
It's very fragrant. It comes in tea bags. It's been a long time since I drank jasmine tea
Taste the fragrant blossoming jasmine tea is very fragrant and delicious 👍
A total of 30 packets, the packaging is very beautiful, very fragrant (except for the scent of jasmine and magnolia), there is no aftertaste and sweetness, a little bit of astringency
The tea is very fragrant, but don’t you know it’s a flavor additive?
Nat H
There have been many repurchases. Also bought as a gift. Very fragrant, very strong
It’s bigger than I thought, so I can drink it for a while
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Unit Qty:
105 g

Ingredients list: green tea, jasmine flowers

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage conditions: normal temperature, avoid light, dry, sealed storage


This product uses selected mountain white tea from the pre-Ming Dynasty, Fujian traditional green tea technology and strict review to achieve its high-quality tea.

Jasmine flowers are only collected in the afternoon. The floral scent and tea blends together perfectly.



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