Food Basket Pan-Fried Mini Pork Buns, Frozen 70pc 4.5 lb

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Food Basket Pan-Fried Mini Pork Buns, Frozen 70pc 4.5 lb
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Reviews (96)
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Not bad, good taste, easy to make 👍👍 will repurchase
It’s more delicious than I thought. Of course, my frying technique is in place. The bottom is crunchy. If there is a bit of juice, it will be perfect. Finally, I have to thank my sister. Buy again
I bought it several times, it's delicious and convenient
I bought it a few times back. It's delicious. The skin is relatively crispy.
It's delicious and convenient. There are also a lot of fillings.
Jennifer Chen
The taste is very good, the skin is thin and the hair is in place. There is not much juice in the stuffing, but the frozen pan-fried buns are not bad. And the price is very good, there are dozens of large packages. recommend.
The portion is really big, it feels like you can eat it for a long time
Can be fried or steamed. The taste is also good!
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United States
Unit Qty:
4.5 lb


Dough: Wheat flour, water, sugar, less than 2% of baking powder (leaveners (baking soda, sodium aluminum sulfate, monocalcium phosphate), cornstarch, calcium sulfate), yeast (saccharonyces cerevisiae, sorbitan monostearate, ascorbic acid), sodium alginate.

Filling: Pork, cabbage, water, mushroom, less than 2% of scallion, potato starch, gelatin, soy sauces (water, soy, sugar, salt, wheat flour, extract of mushroom and sulfur dioxide), sesame oil (sesame oil, soybean oil), white pepper powder (contain sulfite).

Allergens: Soy, wheat.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen until used. Thaw under refrigeration immediately before use.

The bao game is strong with this one. Filled with juicy pork and veggies, you will gobble these up. Good thing there are seventy in this bag.

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