Formosa Brand Pork Fu 4 oz

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Formosa Brand Pork Fu 4 oz
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Reviews (14)
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I really like this brand of pork floss. It must be served with porridge in the morning
I put bread for the kids, it’s very good
Stella L.
This dried meat is delicious! The dried meat is less dry than the moist meat. I ate it the next day after receiving the goods.
The salted egg yolk pork floss green ball uses weee's pork floss salted egg yolk salad dressing green sauce and Japanese glutinous rice flour is delicious. If the glutinous rice flour is ground with water, this powder is a bit hard and the green juice tastes very weak. I added three spoons of matcha. powder
It is valid until 2022. Add it to bread for breakfast.
Often bought products, with rice porridge or making preserved egg tofu, it is the first time to buy at weee, very convenient
Although it's a bit more expensive than the supermarket, this brand is the best. I continue to buy back
The date is fresh, the price is calculated, and will be repurchased
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United States
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4 oz

Formosa Brand Pork Fu

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