Formosa Pork Sung 4 oz

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Formosa Pork Sung 4 oz
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The bread is made with pork floss and red bean filling purchased online from Weee, and it tastes super good. The bread dough is soup-like dough. PS The red meat floss does not taste as salty as the blue one. I like this one better
I missed it so much and bought a box. But the American ones are really too salty, adding rice balls can be salty enough to jump. Next time I will choose the fish floss imported from Taiwan, which tastes right. Sorry to the American pork floss.
The pork floss prepared for my brother, the little baby can only eat porridge. Putting some pork floss is a bit salty. The kids love it.
I like this brand and the price/performance ratio is good
Annie B
Bought it for my backpacking trip. Light & crunchy!
Childhood memories, it’s good to eat occasionally
I bought two kinds of pork floss, and I tried it, but Baodao pork floss is crispy and delicious
I bought it for making rice balls, crispy and fragrant
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United States
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4 oz
Formosa Pork Sung

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