Go Cha Dried Thin Noodles 300g/bag 10.5 oz

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Go Cha Dried Thin Noodles 300g/bag 10.5 oz
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Products that have always been hoarded at home
Buy it and cook it immediately. The enclosed material pack is only 2/3, it's salty and fragrant, plus some meatballs, coriander and black vinegar, it's delicious!
Kitty Lin
Repurchase several times. Adding half of the powder packet is enough. . .
Kitty Lin
Added coriander and squid. The old-fashioned noodles of Huazhiwan.
It's delicious, a bit spicy but a child can accept it. It's more delicious with some black vinegar.
I made the large intestine noodles, the taste is not as good as the ones sold outside, it is superb.
For the $1.97 redemption, the Dahua special offer is also $3.98, which is much cheaper. Without oysters, it can be served quickly and delicious 😋
The taste and texture are very good. It is rare that the conditioning bag can be so authentic. I dripped a few drops of the spicy oil inside, added braised large intestines and meat soup (bought by Happy Crafts Shop in New York), a little black vinegar and coriander (both in Weee) Yes), authentic Taiwanese snacks are on the table. *I don't like it to be too thick, so I only add 1/3 of the glutinous rice flour. It is recommended to adjust the cornstarch water according to personal preference.
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10.5 oz

Go Cha Dried Thin Noodles 300g/bag

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