Sliced Lamb Shoulder for Hot Pot 1.2mm, Frozen 8 oz

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Sliced Lamb Shoulder for Hot Pot 1.2mm, Frozen 8 oz
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Reviews (163)
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The lamb shoulder slices taste okay, but it smells too stinky
The lamb smell is not very strong and very tender.
It tastes good and fresh...
It’s a very light half pound, and I guess it’s enough to order two boxes to eat.
Lamb shoulder should taste good
The weight of the meat is a little less than the label on the package, because it happened several times, and now it is habitual to weigh the weight. The meat quality is good, I will buy it at a discount
I didn’t pay attention to the delivery, because they were all in one box. I opened it today. The meat slices are a bit thick, and the pieces are messy. They are large and shredded. Unlike the past, the rolls are thin and bright red and very beautiful. The meat is sweet, but it is also a bit fishy. The most terrible thing is the strong refrigerator smell. I used to buy beef and mutton slices, and I have never been in this situation. I picked up the box and looked at it. It turned out that I didn't order it at all. It was a wrong delivery. But since they are all boxed, who will check it carefully? Even this will be checked in the future, which is a bit tiring.
It's really thin, pretty good
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United States
Unit Qty:
8 oz

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Asian comfort food never tasted so good. These super thin lamb shoulder slices go in shabu shabu, hot tot, or fried up. How about all of the above? Cozy cook-it-yourself meals best with friends or by yourself.

Sliced Lamb Shoulder for Hot Pot 1.2mm, Frozen

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