Gold Kiwi - Organic 1 Clamshell 2 lb

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Gold Kiwi - Organic 1 Clamshell 2 lb
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Reviews (15)
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Big and fresh golden kiwifruit🥝
Organic Gold Kiwi is delicious 😋, relatively sweet, worth buying back
It looks very fresh and needs to be softened.
Lin Linda
It looks fresh, but it's still hard at the moment, it needs to be softened before eating
风光无限好 ⛳️
Looks very good, fresh, supplements vitc, strengthens immunity
The first time I redeem it, I think it's worth it! But why does my tongue become numb when I eat it? The taste does not change, nor is it too hard, and it is eaten when the softness is moderate! It’s the first time to experience the tongue tingling after eating golden kiwifruit! It's incredible! 🧐
The organic golden kiwifruit is very sweet and delicious, better than the non-organic one I bought last time!
It takes a few days to take it back to eat it is very sweet, the price is good
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New Zealand
Unit Qty:
2 lb