Green Bean Sprouts 12 oz

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Green Bean Sprouts 12 oz
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Very summer vegetables, the following are very suitable for adding some
Boiled bean sprouts, vinegar, bean sprouts or put in boiled fish
Fresh, convenient and delicious
Convenient and affordable taste is also great
Very good bean sprouts
How can I make bean sprouts?
Very fresh mung bean sprouts ~~~
圆圆 (Deanna)
Fresh, better than what I bought at the supermarket myself.
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12 oz

Green Bean Sprouts Introduction

Green bean sprouts have good taste, and rich nutrition. Green bean sprout is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, multivitamins, cellulose, carotene, niacin, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals.

It is an indispensable food material in people's lives. Because it contains cellulose, green bean sprout is stir-fried with chives, which can be used to prevent and treat constipation in the elderly and young children. It is safe and effective. Green bean sprout contains a variety of vitamins. Regular consumption has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on tongue sores and stomatitis caused by vitamin B2 deficiency and diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency. Americans like green bean sprout very much and think it is one of the most suitable vegetables for obese people.

At Weee, we provide customers with high-quality green bean sprouts at a very competitive price.

How to Store Green Bean Sprouts?

Tip 1. Putting it directly in the freezer of the refrigerator is the easiest way to store it.

Tip 2. Blanch mung bean sprouts to extend the storage time of mung bean sprouts. If you put it in the refrigerator and take some when you eat, it will be more convenient.

Tip 3. If you don't want to eat green bean sprouts for the time being, it is best not to turn it, because during the turning process, it will cause damage to the bean sprouts and it will be very easy to rot.

Tip 4. When storing mung bean sprouts, do not cut off the roots of the mung bean sprouts, so that the mung bean sprouts can be stored for a longer time.

Tip 5. Store mung bean sprouts in a basin full of water, so that there is no problem with eating within one or two days.

Tip 6. Wrap the green bean sprouts with plastic wrap to keep the green bean sprouts longer.

How to Sprout Green Mung Beans?

Step 1. Take an appropriate amount of mung beans and wash them twice in clean water, and pick out the empty mung beans and bad beans.

Step 2. Put the processed mung beans into a clean basin, then add an appropriate amount of water to the basin, and let the mung beans soak in the water for one night to completely soften the shells of the mung beans.

Step 3. Prepare a sealable and light-tight container and two pieces of clean white gauze. First, put a piece of white gauze in clean water and soak it. Place the soaked white gauze on the bottom of the container and spread it flat. Then put the previously soaked mung beans on the white gauze and spread it flat, then soak the second piece of white gauze with water and cover it on top of the mung beans, and spray an appropriate amount of water on the gauze.

Step 4. Every morning and evening, use a watering can to spray an appropriate amount of water on the gauze. After the bean sprouts are moistened enough, cover the container, so that the mung bean sprouts will have sprouts in about 3 days.


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