Green Dragon Apples 2 lb

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Green Dragon Apples 2 lb
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Reviews (197)
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r r ma
One of the best apples I have ever eaten, crisp and sweet
Delicious apples, crispy and sweet, recommended.
??Emily Ruan??
It's only 2 pounds short of an apple 🙁
Kitty Lin
Hope this time it's delicious. . . . .
These green dragon apples are crunchy and delicious, but the quality isn’t as good as before. More than half of apples have scars on them. Weee needs to handle these apples with care.
It tastes a bit like a combination of pear and apple, it's delicious
This time, the green dragon peel is relatively yellow, and the taste has not changed, so I will continue to repurchase.
Green apples are sweeter than imagined, it would be better if they were organic
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United States
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2 lb


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