Green Onion Crisp Pastry 1 each

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Green Onion Crisp Pastry 1 each
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Tina Lee
Taiwan Wanda crab shell yellow is grilled in an air fryer, it is very delicious!
The origin of the name crab shell yellow is a metaphor for the shape of the color (please google), so stop looking for crab yellow, there is no such thing. The night before, it was thawed in the refrigerator and baked in the morning. It was really delicious and very convenient. The green onion filling tasted well. The chopped green onion tastes very tender. The overall combination is fragrant and not greasy. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft. I even ate three XDs. There are 20 boxes. I think the price is very high, not much more expensive than the delivery in Taiwan. Weee will be surprised to enter this Wanhua lined up snacks.
Jenny Jin(JJ)
It’s not easy to be able to eat authentic crab shell yellow here, plus so many green onions, it’s so happy!
The first time I repurchase, it’s not that I don’t repurchase, but Weee has always been out of stock. The price of this crab shell yellow is better than any group purchase. The only problem is that it is out of stock.
I feel very happy that I can eat crab shell yolk here. You can eat it by roasting it in an air fryer. It is super fragrant and delicious, but the price will be too high later, so I will not buy it again. I hope to get back to the past s price
200% recommend this crab shell yellow. I use an air fryer at 280 degrees for 7 minutes. The texture is as crispy and soft on the inside. I hope Weee can replenish it as soon as possible.
Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes and it is very crispy!
Super delicious...full of Taiwanese memories.. I want to order again, but unfortunately no more
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1 each

Green Onion Crisp Pastry