Green Seedless Grape 3 lb

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Weee! - Groceries Delivered
Green Seedless Grape 3 lb
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Reviews (74)
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Super not fresh, throw it to the trash can right away They tried to sell to the customer and see if you would take it Horrible experience with weee
It's still very fresh and tastes good.
Haven’t tried it, presentation looks ok. Hope it’s sweet.
it’s looks fine …not very sweet n not very crispy but ok …i think it will be more crispy after i put in refrigerator
Really really fresh👏 and sweet and crispy, super recommended👍
Could it be seasonal? Sweet but not crunchy anymore
This is very bad grape, some of the grape are rotten, and I trashed half of the box. I received two items that are rotten already. it looks like the company sent out items from trash can.
It’s much smaller than the one I bought a few times ago, but it’s still sweet and tender.
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United States
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3 lb

Green seedless grapes are little nuggets of magic. Just wait for that crunchy little pop in your mouth when you bite down, bursting with super sweet juice. Binge them like there's no tomorrow. And then buy more tomorrow. 


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