Green Soybean (frozen) 1lb x 1bag 1 lb

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Green Soybean (frozen) 1lb x 1bag 1 lb
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Reviews (89)
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I forgot to take a photo before and opened a big bowl
Yu-Wen 李玉雯(Seattle)
With emerald green color and soft taste, it is very suitable for fried rice.
The large frozen edamame is of good quality. It can be eaten quickly after boiling for 5-10 minutes. It is a convenient side dish!
It's delicious. My husband likes to stir fry with rotten meat and sour cowpea.
风光无限好 ⛳️
Repurchased many times, shredded pork with pickled vegetables and edamame, great value
风光无限好 ⛳️
Edamame pickled vegetables minced meat is delicious, repurchased many times
JoyCe Lee
Frozen edamame, okay, fried with corn and delicious
Stir-fry dishes from time to time to add more and add green 😁
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Unit Qty:
1 lb
Green Soybean (frozen) 1lb x 1bag