Grilled Eel Unagi 12 oz

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Grilled Eel Unagi 12 oz
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Reviews (159)
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In Unlimited Repurchase, I have tried all major brands of eel on Weee. This one is better, the sauce is not too salty, and the fish bones are relatively small.
It's as delicious as the restaurant, and not that expensive! Bake it for 25 minutes.
Walter Lin
It seems to be the first time I bought this brand of eel. It is recommended by everyone.
Clarissa Ho
Eel rice for dinner tonight. There are many kinds of eel brands on Weee. You can try a different one every time you buy
It’s delicious when you bake it and will repurchase it
Sweet but not bad 👍 plump
Add the vegetable apricot abalone and make a simple unagi veggies donburi! 😋 The kids love it!
The oven is heated, every time it is praised!
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Unit Qty:
12 oz

Ingredients: Eel.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Unbelievable tastiness. Convenience. Life moves fast. Grab a pack of this high-quality marinated eel and get going. Put it in the microwave and it’s ready to eat. You’ll feel like celebrating each bite.