Haday Golden Label Oyster Flavored Sauce 530 g

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Haday Golden Label Oyster Flavored Sauce 530 g
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Reviews (52)
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Not bad, good taste! Repurchase
The foam paper is packed very tightly and I look forward to the taste
I'm used to this oyster sauce that I use in foreign countries and domestically
Stock up, bought a bottle before and it’s not bad
The packaging is very careful, it is difficult to disassemble 😂😂
Okay, the taste of Haitian is still ok
It seems a little bit sweeter. But cost-effective 😁
First time buying this brand, oyster sauce is never go wrong with Chinese food. Taste well. Wee always find the best expiration date on the item I ordered, good job 👍
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Unit Qty:
530 g
Wheat (Gluten).


Haitian Golden Label Oyster Sauce

Ingredients: oyster sauce (oyster, water, edible salt), water, white sugar, edible salt, sodium glutamate, modified starch, wheat flour, yeast extract, citric acid, preservative (potassium sorbate)

Allergy Tip: This product contains wheat

Storage conditions: Please store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Please cover and store refrigerated after use

Commodity features: Fresh oysters are fresh, fragrant and smooth. Easy to use and delicious. ,

Whether it's cooking, mixing stuffing, thickening, noodles, grilling, dipping in hot pot...everything is suitable and widely applicable.

The reason why Haitian oyster sauce has become an indispensable delicacy nirvana in cooking comes from the strict and precise control of every process from raw materials,

cooking to finished packaging.

As a result, a set of industry-leading quality control standards has been established. Fully automatic and precise cooking.

The optimal time standard for up to 12 hours. Each batch of oyster juice undergoes strict quality control.

International leading level zero-contact canning: to ensure the hygiene and safety of products

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