Hamachi Kama Yellowtail Collar, Frozen 4-5pc 2.65-2.85 lb

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Hamachi Kama Yellowtail Collar, Frozen 4-5pc 2.65-2.85 lb
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Reviews (152)
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Tasty and flaky. Just salt and pepper will suffice.
Simply pickle it with salt, fry it on both sides, sprinkle some green onions before it comes out of the pan, it's already delicious. I have bought it a few times, and it’s delicious even if I bake it in the oven 😋
No smell/very fresh, even those who hate to eat fish always eat "Mmmm~", the female goose also loves to eat and chews so clean, and her husband is also full of praise, the whole family loves it, and it will definitely be repurchasing 😋 🥰
The child also praised the delicious fish jaws. I bought and bought, but I couldn’t stop. This time, the weight is enough, there are 7 yuan big 👍
I have been repurchasing fish jaws. I made sushi this time. My family likes it very much.
The bag I received has 6 large pieces, a lot of meat, sprinkle some salt and pepper to marinate, broil for 8 minutes, sprinkle some lemon juice, it is delicious 😋
Clean up very clean, air pan for 12 minutes, sprinkle with lemon juice, very delicious
Okay, not bad, everyone agrees that there is no yellow croaker fragrant.
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Unit Qty:
2.65-2.85 lb
Mercury, Cadmium.

Storage conditions: Keep frozen.

Skip the Japanese restaurant. This Yellowtail Collar is the meat just above gills that is fatty and full of juiciness. Typically grilled, serve this Hamachi with salad, rice, and of course, beers to go around.

Lot number: D-BJBA
Production Date: Feb, 2021




WARNING-California Proposition 65: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Mercury、Cadmium which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/food

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