Hankow Original Sesame Paste Noodles 4pk 408 g

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Hankow Original Sesame Paste Noodles 4pk 408 g
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Reviews (66)
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Great flavor, a little spicy, nice afternoon snack, a bit expensive though
Carrie 耀紫
I haven't eaten it yet, the seasoning should taste good
This is not bad and delicious. I have repurchased it many times. It would be better if I can get more discount
Faye Bai
The sesame sauce is very fragrant, and one pack is quite large
It’s hard to find alkaline noodles; these are pretty good.
Hot dried noodles taste good. The sesame paste is diluted with the soy sauce in the soy sauce bag in advance, otherwise it will be difficult to mix the sesame paste when mixing the noodles! If it feels dry, add a little water to dilute!
The noodles are not good, it is not the alkaline water noodles used for authentic hot dry noodles, but the sesame sauce is not bad, a pack of too small, can not buy miss brand hot dry noodles and want to eat hot dry noodles improvised brand
The instant noodles that I buy often have a mediocre taste, but they are nostalgic for me.
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Unit Qty:
408 g
sesame, Wheat (Gluten), Soy. May contain traces of Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Peanuts.


  • Flour cake: wheat flour, edible salt, gluten, edible salt, food additives, soybean oil
  • Tahini bag: tahini, sesame oil, soybean oil
  • Soy sauce package: soy sauce, drinking water, edible salt, food additives, edible alcohol, fructose syrup
  • Chili oil packet: Chili oil
  • Dehydrated vegetable package: dehydrated chives

Allergens: Contains wheat, soybean, and sesame products. May contain peanuts, fish, shrimp, egg by-products.

Please store in a cool and dry place, away from direct heat and sunlight.


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