Hapi Japanese Pudding 3pc 8.46 oz

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Hapi Japanese Pudding 3pc 8.46 oz
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Reviews (737)
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The best pudding here, I bought it for the second time
Delicious 😋 Must buy products every time you buy weee.
The pudding was frozen and turned into tasteless grilled pudding. Let's eat after defrosting.
Tasty like flan but from Japan.
This pudding tastes the same as Taiwan's unified pudding, I like it very much! It’s too suitable to use avocado milk. Unfortunately, two of the three puddings I bought last time were broken, the sealing film was broken, and the cup was broken. A refund was given to me soon after the reaction, and the service was very good.
Steffi Kwok
It really makes me happy to eat these. A taste of childhood.
I have been buying back a pudding that adults and children love to eat, it tastes a lot like uniform pudding
Childhood taste! So good, make sure to refrigerate for best taste
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Unit Qty:
8.46 oz

Made of high-quality eggs, milk and other raw materials to make the taste smooth and sweet. 

Storage conditions: Store in the freezer.  Place the pudding in the refrigerator to keep cool and thaw before consumption.

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