Happy Egg Organic Large Brown Eggs 12ct 1 box

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Happy Egg Organic Large Brown Eggs 12ct 1 box
Free Range and Grade A
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Reviews (17)
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I bought it at a discount. I have bought it a few times before and I feel that this brand of eggs is very fragrant.
Made brown sugar steamed buns with eggs, good quality
The egg is a little smaller, and it will expire in a few days when you receive it.
Happy Egg organic free-range eggs often repurchase fresh orange egg yolks
It's delicious and has no eggy taste, and you will buy it if you have a special price.
It’s a bargain when you buy it at a special price. The egg yolk is orange-yellow in color.
The eggs are well preserved and must be liked
Thanks to WeeeHappy Egg, the organic free-range eggs are packaged without damage, and the fragrance is often repurchased
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United States
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1 box

Eggs--you're either running out or you'll be running out soon. Grab them while you're here. These free range, organic, large brown eggs are another way of saying we take quality seriously. Your scrambled eggs deserve justice.