Harim Korean Ginseng Chicken Stew 1.76 lb

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Harim Korean Ginseng Chicken Stew 1.76 lb
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Reviews (58)
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The chicken soup is very good, no need to add salt
I will buy it every time I get a discount. Cheap, convenient, delicious and warm. There really is a chicken :)
It's a bargain to buy at a discount, so a big bag
There is a chicken and a ginseng in a packet. Add some red dates yourself. tastes good.
Yu-Wen 李玉雯(Seattle)
Delicious! Add ginkgo, red dates, ginseng slices, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion and rice wine, and it's perfect!
Surprisingly, there is a whole chicken in this soup. Not bad 👍
I bought it at a discount of 9.99 and added some water. It tastes just right! So delicious! I like chicken soup~ I will repurchase if discounted!
The whole chicken, the soup is sticky, and there is no amazing taste. I add red dates and astragalus, boil it in a little water, and eat it. Will not repurchase
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South Korea
Unit Qty:
1.76 lb
chicken, water, ginseng, ginger, salt, chestnut, whitepepper, onion, sugar, jujube, white rice, garlic.
Tree Nuts.

A whole fresh chicken stuffed with Korean ginseng, Korean polished rice, chestnuts, red dates and vegetables, and then boiled in seasonal vegetable soup over low heat for several hours.

Cooking method: Pour directly into a casserole and heat for 7-8 minutes; microwave it for 7-8 minutes

Korean Samgyetang (Kanji: 蔘鸡汤; Hangul: 삼계탕) is one of the traditional dishes of the Korean Peninsula. It is made with whole tender chicken, stuffed glutinous rice in the belly, and stewed with red dates, ginger, garlic and ginseng for a long time. Serve with shallots, salt and pepper.

Different from Chinese ginseng stewed chicken. Chinese ginseng stewed chicken is different from Korean ginseng soup, and the time of consumption is also different. In China, it is often supplemented with various medicinal materials, which is a winter tonic medicinal diet; but in Korea, it is eaten in the hot summer, because Koreans believe that it is only eaten in hot weather. 


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