Herbal Jelly (Red Bean & Milk) 222g

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Herbal Jelly (Red Bean & Milk) 222g
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Reviews (48)
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Delicious tortoise paste has been repurchasing
Love these herbal jelly cups! Red bean- so good! A nice surprise!! They are convenient to bring with my lunch. Can’t wait to try other flavors!
The jelly is very stiff not at all like the texture of jello. Also very herbal tasting and not enough sweetness for my taste. I give this snack a 6/10
The kids love to eat this, this brand is delicious
Love it and will repurchase it again when it is on sale.
This brand of Guiling paste is quite delicious
The red beans have a lot of flavor and good taste. There seems to be coconut at the bottom, but the tortoise shell paste is a bit hard. I like the soft one which is too refreshing. In addition, the paste itself has no taste. I have eaten the original flavor without adding syrup. But this time I want to add half a box of syrup 😂 make it into small pieces and stir well. I will think it’s delicious coconut milk red bean jelly and not tortoise shell jelly haha
As always delicious! !
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Milk, Tree Nuts.
Herbal Jelly (Red Bean & Milk) 222g

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