Hsin Tung Yang Bubble Milk Tea Cake 8.8 oz

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Hsin Tung Yang Bubble Milk Tea Cake 8.8 oz
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Reviews (53)
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I buy it at a special price. The taste is good and sweet, but overall the taste and texture are very good.
Buy one get one free, very cost-effective, a box of 10, the sweetness is just right, there is no milk tea flavor but the milk flavor is sufficient, very delicious
In comparison, I still prefer to eat pineapple cakes.
The packaging of Xindongyang Pearl Milk Tea Flavor Crisp is very beautiful! Just add a little decoration and heart-filled cards during the holidays, it will be a good little gift!
The milk tea that I miss is full of delicious flavor. Although it is sinful after eating it, I will repurchase it next time there is a special offer😆
Kitty Lin
Special will buy it. Hope it's pretty good as before
Shirley Wang
Ten in a box, the skin is soft, early adopters
This is really good! I highly recommend it and will buy more.
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Unit Qty:
8.8 oz
Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Wheat (Gluten).

Ingredients list: milk tea and winter melon sauce, flour, butter, cane sugar, eggs, milk powder, spices

Allergens: Contains milk, egg, coconut, wheat


Every ingredient has been strictly selected. The outer crust is made from fresh eggs and a high-fat natural cream from New Zealand and Australia. The fillings have a rich tea flavor and coconut. No preservatives or artificial sweeteners added.


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