I-Mei Green Onion Pancake, Frozen 525 g

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I-Mei Green Onion Pancake, Frozen 525 g
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Lin Linda
I have repurchased it many times, the crust is thick, I personally don’t like the cake that is too crisp, this one is chewy, I personally like it
Seeing that everyone bought it with good reviews, just stock up two packs.
Repeated repurchase, super cost-effective and good taste
It is solid and delicious. Add an egg to add nutrition points. It can be used as breakfast or afternoon tea.
Has been repurchased many times to support Taiwan's conscience brand! Scallion pancake + egg + cheese slices and sprinkle a little pepper, as if returning to Taiwan in a second🇹🇼😜😜
Love these they are delicious
The best scallion pancakes are easy to use, and everything is ok👍
The Yimei crispy scallion pancakes, which have been kept in the freezer for nearly three months, are still crispy on the outer layer, soft and thick on the inside, with eggs and avocado, happy breakfast!
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525 g
I Mei
Wheat (Gluten).

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, palm oil, green onion, and salt. 

Storage conditions: Frozen storage.

Also known as Chinese scallion pancakes or Congyoubing (say that really fast to prove that you can), you might recognize these I-Mei flaky, crispy, and chewy-on-the-inside Asian pancakes. With some sprinkles of green onion for the crunch and flavor, they're perfect for breakfast. And lunch, And dinner. Heck, let's dim sum and chill at home.

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