Iceberg Cello Lettuce 1 count

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Iceberg Cello Lettuce 1 count
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The goods delivered on Thanksgiving Day were delivered by the delivery staff very well, and they were delivered at about 3:30. The lettuce is very fresh. It is especially delicious for shabu-shabu. It is crispy and sweet. It will be indispensable for shabu-shabu in the future.
Iceberg Lettuce and pork hot pot
Not very big but quite fresh
Cecil Shan
Lettuce is a big one, fresh and not bad, and the price is cheap
The fruits and vegetables I bought this time are so fresh
The lettuce is not fresh, the leaves turned brown already
Very fresh, round and firm
Used to make Vietnamese spring rolls first class!
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United States
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1 count

Storage conditions: Refrigeration recommended.

When you imagine lettuce, this one probably pops up. Iceberg Cello lettuce is the green you find in your hamburgers, sandwiches, and classic dinner salads. Mild tasting with a juicy crunch, it lets flavors around it be the real stars.

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