Green Onions 5.5 oz

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Green Onions 5.5 oz
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Reviews (44)
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The green onions packed in clean bags are more tender than those packed in supermarket bags. They are very fresh and you can grow them yourself after you eat them! Will repurchase.
I bought it before and made scallion pancakes. This kind of packaging is not easy to rot, and the quantity is stable. I have been repurchasing.
Mochi Mochi
It came in a bag instead of just a bunch. Did not expect the bag. Fresh
The bagged shallots can be kept longer, full of fresh ones, like
Used to stir-fry the butter base to make a spicy soup. It’s great
It may be my illusion, but this one is better than loose green onions
I like this kind of bagged green onions.
Barbara Ma
Good quality Compared to general bulk
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United States
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5.5 oz

Green Onions

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