Indomie Migoreng Fried Instant Noodles 30ct 1 case

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Indomie Migoreng Fried Instant Noodles 30ct 1 case
With Fried Onions and Chili Sauce
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Good brand and cures cravings.
The page is actually labeled "Freshness Guarantee", which is ridiculous. The order was placed on August 24 and received on August 31. The previous date cannot be selected. I thought it was out of stock, and the date must be fresh. When I received this brand of noodles at home, I didn't finish eating it, so I didn't open it immediately. I opened it today and found out that it had expired for two days. It's ridiculous. The temporary food discount is not indicated on the page, deceiving consumers to buy. How can I finish a box of instant noodles in half a month even if I unpack them immediately after receiving the goods? Do you only eat instant noodles for three meals a day? A shopping platform that advertises fresh food everywhere, even this kind of instant noodles with a shelf life of one year can't guarantee the freshness, don't you really feel ashamed? Every shopping experience on this platform is very poor, I will not recommend it to anyone, and I will sing bad news on various social media.
Kelly 2
30 packs, there is a meal, but it tastes good
I bought it at a special price, but the shelf life is due on 9/23. The lazy version of lo mein, cooked 2 packs for breakfast or lunch, plus some beef balls, is very full, plus some homemade garlic chili sauce is super positive. 😋
When I bought it in mid-August, I didn’t know it was Best Before September 16, 21, so I hope to mark it when I sell it so that we can also have a choice.
Arrived safely~ This noodle is delicious and cheap. Unlimited repurchase but often out of stock. Two packs of one meal
This noodle is delicious, but the expiration date is only 10 days
I like this very much, it tastes good
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Unit Qty:
1 case
Wheat (Gluten), Soy.

Ingredients list:

   Noodles: wheat flour, refined palm oil, starch, edible salt

   Seasoning powder package: white sugar, edible salt, flavor enhancer, garlic powder, onion powder, edible spices, yeast extract, pepper, maltodextrin

   Seasoning oil package: refined palm oil, onion

   Sweet soy sauce package: white sugar, water, edible salt, wheat, soybeans, spices, sesame oil

   Chili sauce: chili, water, white sugar, edible salt, starch, etc.

Allergens: This product contains wheat, soy, and sesame

Please store in a cool and dry place.

Shelf life: 12 months

The noodles are made from high-quality Australian wheat flour and Indonesian palm oil for a healthier and stronger taste. It adopts the traditional Indonesian sweet and spicy flavor. It is slightly spicy with a little bit of sweetness. Experience multi-layered flavors, authentic aroma and an endless aftertaste.


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