Inotea Taro Bubble Milk Tea 16.6 fl.oz

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Inotea Taro Bubble Milk Tea 16.6 fl.oz
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Reviews (16)
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I have never had this boba milk tea
The taste is average, the cans are quite large, the flavor is a bit heavy, I will buy a few cans to drink at any time, it is very convenient
A big cup is slightly sweet, with a small taro taste, the pearls are not as tough as the pearl smoke bought on the street, and the whole is good
Not sweet at all, milk tea tastes so strong
Pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be a bit more savoury but it was sweet. The tapioca pearls inside aren’t as chewy as fresh ones are but still not bad.
It has a good taro flavor, the sweetness is the same as a boba shop. The pearls are soft, not chewy. For the convenience of not having to make milk tea from scratch when I crave it, I would repurchase.
It’s a big cup and it’s delicious with pearls in it
It’s not good, it’s super sweet and the boba in it tastes weird
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Unit Qty:
16.6 fl.oz

Ingredients list: water, starch balls, sugar, whole milk powder, brown sugar, non-dairy creamer, emulsifier, etc.

Store in a cool and dry place

Black tea and high-quality milk ingredients, Q Boba, taro, and tapioca pearls.