Ito En Jasmine Green Tea, Unsweetened 67.6 oz

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Ito En Jasmine Green Tea, Unsweetened 67.6 oz
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Anna ིྀ..
Super delicious jasmine tea green tea 🍵 can also be heated to drink~
Ling Yip
Full of floral fragrance, no sugar and zero burden
Super sized, not sweet, lightly scented!
My favorite jasmine tea! ! It has become a daily must-have drink, not sweet and delicious, unlimited repurchase
The second bottle is half price, big bottle, filling the refrigerator comfortably.
The jasmine tea that I often repurchase is very fragrant
Can't wait to try, Jasmine Green tea.
C Chao
Not sweet at all, smells like jasmine It's nice not to have to go to the supermarket
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Unit Qty:
67.6 oz

Ingredients list: water, jasmine, green tea

Please store in a cool and dry place.

Ito En carefully selects green tea leaves for infusion resulting in the classic taste of fresh tea.  Incorporating jasmine into the tea, it promotes good oral health and boosts brain function.



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