Ito Round Cleansing Towels 80 Sheets 1 each

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Ito Round Cleansing Towels 80 Sheets 1 each
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Reviews (42)
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Buy it for the second time! , Washing your face doesn't hurt
I bought it from the reviews. It's really easy to use. When I return to my country, I bring a few packs.
Buy it at a special price, convenient and affordable! .
After washing the face, use this paper towel to absorb the moisture very well and clean
It's very comfortable for wet and dry use. It can be used as a rag after wiping your face. Scrub the handstand and floor before throwing it away
Just received! very useful! Buy more at a discount!
Lihua Zhu
The texture is soft and delicate, take it next time you travel
This is the first time I have used this pearl-patterned face towel. To be honest, at first glance, something with a bigger palm doesn't expect it to absorb more water. After using it, I realized that its water absorption is not worse than that of a wrung towel. Soaking it and washing your face can prevent water from splashing outside, and it will easily thin the parts around the nose that are not easy to clean and more thoroughly, and easily remove the keratin on the lips. I will use a face towel in the morning and evening. Finally, use it to clean the vanity countertop, glass and floor, and make the best use of it. In the photo, I just used it once at night, and let it dry before using it again the next day. Recommend to buy, and repurchase again when the price is reduced.
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1 each

That damp hand towel has been hanging in your bathroom for a week already. These Ito cleansing towels are soft, cotton, and disposable. Use for baby care, skin care, or a daily cleansing towel.


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