JONGGA Sliced Napa Cabbage Kimchi 300 g

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JONGGA Sliced Napa Cabbage Kimchi 300 g
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Reviews (5)
It's delicious. The netizens who saw the order were delicious and bought it. If you like sour, you must buy it, delicious!
Jennifer Chen
This is the best Korean kimchi I have ever eaten, none of them. The saltiness is right, the acidity is just right, and the taste is fresh, it is recommended.
Really too small bottle, plastic can type 🤣 I prefer another glass can, which is a bit sour. Made kimchi pancakes
This is the best kimchi I ever had. I like it taste salty and spicy, not too vinegary. This is the 2nd jar I bought and will purchase again.
A bit salty 🤔 spicy
South Korea
Unit Qty:
300 g

JONGGA Sliced Napa Cabbage Kimchi