Jack & King's Scallop Dumpling (FZ) 360 g

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Jack & King's Scallop Dumpling (FZ) 360 g
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Reviews (27)
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The dumplings are not bad, the seafood tastes very strong.
Very good dumplings, you can try them fresh.
The seafood dumplings of this brand are more delicious, I like it very much, and I have repurchased it many times
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Really, there are scallops. But the same brand prefers the taste of Spanish mackerel
First time buying this dumplings. Taste good, got it on sale price, I will repurchase if it’s on sale again
I bought it and tried it after reading the comments that it was very good. The result was very disappointing. The appearance was good, and the skin was not broken, but when I opened the pot, my husband retched because of the strong fishy smell. . Will not repurchase.
The dumplings taste good, but the delivery of wee is too disappointing! ! ! It took less than an hour for the delivery to be picked up. Basically, all the frozen foods were thawed and deformed. Only two or three dumplings in a pack were barely complete, and the rest were broken. It was still sprinkled with flour and worked hard to remedy the situation! ! ! What a waste! ! !
The minced meat is tasteless, not as delicious as the Spanish mackerel, and will not be repurchased!
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Unit Qty:
360 g
Jack & King's
Fish, Wheat (Gluten), Soy.

Jack & King's Scallop Dumpling (FZ)

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