Jayone Honey Passion Fruit Tea Marmalade 2.2 lb

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Jayone Honey Passion Fruit Tea Marmalade 2.2 lb
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Reviews (36)
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上海虎妞 Diana
I followed the trend and bought it for a try. The quantity is very large and the taste is okay, too sweet for me. When you eat this sweetness, you will know that it is not honey sweet, but sugar. Looking at the ingredient list, it turns out that the second ingredient is sugar, which is a bit disappointing. In addition, according to personal preference, the seeds are too big. If they are given to children, they must be filtered after brewing. After experiencing a strong push of hot goods, there is no surprise, and it is not a thunder, but it will definitely not be repurchased.
Recently very hot honey passion fruit
With the repurchased passion fruit honey, you don’t need to go to the drink shop in Guisongsong! recommend
Although you can't buy the popular passion fruit of Costco, this one is also great! Drink it well
I am looking forward to my first purchase! 😋
It tastes good, the children at home have constipation and it is effective to eat this haha
Too disappointed. California sent Po Village to be fragmented. It smells good and super attractive. Unfortunately, it’s out of stock🥺🥺
You can make a drink in a beverage store simply and easily. Just add water and it will easily turn into a honey passion fruit tea. With the addition of Igarashi pearls made by yourself, you don’t need to go to a beverage store to buy a drink.
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South Korea
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2.2 lb