Juancheng Shexian Douban Sauce 16 oz

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Juancheng Shexian Douban Sauce 16 oz
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Reviews (147)
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I couldn’t find this douban sauce anywhere near market where I live, thanks Wee for carrying it on your site.
This bean paste really lives up to its reputation, and the family loves the Mapo tofu made!
Ivy Mok
Good quality. Like the eco packaging but it was a little too difficult to get all the douban sauce out of the plastic bag and transferred to a jar. The sauce is tasty.
Bean paste is often used in cooking recently, this is good
This Douban sauce (pea-based sauce) has a very tasty flavor. It is little salty and spicy, don’t use too much!
I put the bean paste in a jar. The bean paste from Pixian is very easy to use
A big bag, a little salty, add some sugar, sesame oil, and make homemade tofu delicious I can't use it up and put it in a jar
zo e
The picture of the delivered bag. Not the kind in the product picture
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Unit Qty:
16 oz
Wheat (Gluten).

Juancheng Shexian Douban Sauce

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