Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea 1.5L 50.7 oz

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Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea 1.5L 50.7 oz
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Reviews (31)
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It tastes good, not very sweet.
It's super delicious, you must stock up when you have stock, and the black tea is also delicious!
When can I buy it when I am not on the special offer? Cheaper than supermarket
The big bottle has caught up with the special price. Must buy
The price of oversized cans is very good! It’s a bit sweet so add ice cubes and make it just right
I have bought it several times. The last time the product is wrong, the taste has changed a lot. After comparing the empty bottles before, I found that the packaging is different, such as the bottle pattern, bottle cap, wrapping paper cutting line, etc. I bought the last one Much rougher, suspected to be imitation goods.
selena jiang
It is very convenient to buy milk tea with milk and sugar.
It tastes good, with a faint lemon flavor, not very sweet. After eating the roasted rice, one sip is very tired
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50.7 oz

Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea 1.5L