K.K. Orchard Sweet Potato Dice 300 g

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K.K. Orchard Sweet Potato Dice 300 g
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Reviews (21)
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Very Q, plus red beans and mung beans. Good to buy!
QQ's, awesome. But there is no sugar in it.
not bad! Follow the instructions to cook, stir in the sugar immediately after picking up, and when the sweet potato balls let cool a little, they will become Q, and there is also a thin syrup on the surface.
Like the pearls of pearl milk tea, there is no taste, but the QQ ones can be added to all kinds of desserts at will
小糯米 Karen Lu
It's pretty good, and it's quite enough for four people. Open one by one and it freezes well. Unlike another brand of taro balls, they are all glued together.
I haven't eaten taro balls for a long time!
This taro ball is so unpalatable. I bought three more. It seems that you can’t blindly place an order and you should read the comments. It only tastes like starch and no sweet potato. I made it by myself. It tastes better.
This Guguayuan Nine Sweet Potato Balls are very elastic, so they taste better when they are cooked in cold water, and they are worth buying as a good helper for making sugar water.
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300 g

K.K. Orchard Sweet Potato Dice

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