Keitt Mango Box 1 case

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Keitt Mango Box 1 case
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Reviews (27)
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There are six huge mangoes🥭😄😋
These kinds of mangoes taste pretty good if they are ripe
SCCF (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
When I came, it was green, and there were seven of them. After eating one, it was really sweet! The whole box has been emptied up to now, it's so delicious!
Received six mangoes in the box, and three of them were already started to go bad and had a “fermented” taste. (See first three photos.) It was disappointing since the Keitt mangoes (“Mexican Mangoes”) that I purchased from Weee! last year (see last two photos) were really good. Hoping for better luck next time.
According to Mango, there are 5 in a box, and the whole box is nearly 9 pounds, but the quality is not very fresh, and some have begun to spoil after a few days, and I am a little disappointed. .
Beautiful on the outside, a lot of them are bad-hearted inside.
This time it’s not so fresh, so disappointed
I received five big ones that were very hard, but after three days they turned into big black spots and they were still very hard, speechless🙄
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Unit Qty:
1 case
  • FLAVOR: Sweet and fruity
  • TEXTURE: Firm, juicy flesh with limited fibers
  • COLOR: Dark to medium green, sometimes with a pink blush over a small portion of the mango
  • SHAPE: Large oval shape
  • RIPENING CUES: Skin stays green even when ripe. Squeeze gently to judge ripeness.
  • PRIMARY SOURCE COUNTRIES: Mexico, United States
  • PEAK AVAILABILITY: July to September


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