Kern's Guava, Nectar 11.5 oz

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Kern's Guava, Nectar 11.5 oz
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Reviews (2)
American version of guava juice, with some fruit crumbs underneath
I used to buy a box of three juice flavors in the US supermarket, but my family only liked the pomegranate flavor. It's very convenient to see it on Weee.
United States
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11.5 oz

Ingredients: Water, high fructose corn syrup, guava puree, pear puree concentrate, natural flavor, malic acid, pectin, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and carmine color.

Sweet nectar, from mother nature herself. Or so it seems. This can of Kern's Guava is perfect for those who have hardcore sweet cravings. This juice is on the thicker side, which makes the whole experience surprisingly satisfying. Guava Nectar is an ideal pairing with any salty or spicy meal. 

Kern's Guava, Nectar

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