Kindly Eggs Preserved Duck Eggs 6 count

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Kindly Eggs Preserved Duck Eggs 6 count
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Reviews (162)
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Tofu with preserved eggs is simple, delicious and nutritious.
The quality of preserved eggs is good, make tofu with preserved eggs in cold dressing
Lead-free preserved eggs are well packed, a total of six
The one I bought a few days ago finally arrived, and the packaging was good. At first glance, I saw it as Italy. It seems that this one is often out of stock. I bought it as a spare in the refrigerator.
Preserved eggs with tofu is really never greasy to eat
The preserved egg and lean meat porridge that I missed for a long time is delicious 😋. Children can't accept it, adults love it very much.
Repurchase for the second time! The price of spike is good
Very good and fresh, made porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat! Delicious(*^◎^*)
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6 count

Ingredients: Duck eggs, sodium hyroxide, and salt.

Thousand-year eggs. No, it did not take a thousand years to make them. In Chinese, these "pi dan", or preserved duck eggs, are covered in a mixture for weeks to months that raises their pH and turns up the flavors. You get this haunting dark egg. Rich in flavor, it generally goes in porridge or salads. Never judge an egg by its color. This egg will just judge you back. 

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