Kiss Limon, 1ct 2.5-3 lb

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Kiss Limon, 1ct 2.5-3 lb
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Reviews (29)
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It's a very strange taste. My husband and I asked if this grows with lemons. It turned out to be true at first glance. Although not used to it. But it should be healthy. As long as it is not unsuitable to use materials like in China! Will buy
The Singleton
The honeydew melon bought at a discount is more juicy, not too sweet
Very peculiar taste. I thought it was sweet and sour, but it turned out to be slightly sweet in sourness.
The repurchased sweet and sour melon is a bit yellow this time
??Emily Ruan??
It's sour~~~ I won't repurchase anymore
Really taste of lime! Fantastic
it is a good melon but without any lemon taste, that part is a lie
17 summer
I don’t like this melon very much, it’s sour and salty, it tastes weird~ I still like sweet cantaloupe
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United States
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2.5-3 lb

Kiss Limon is one of a kind, sweet and tart with hints of a refreshing lemon flavor. Similar in appearance to a lime, this melon touts citrus with every juicy bite. Your taste buds will be zinging, leaving you awe struck by the reminiscent flavors of a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer's eve. 

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