Knorr Golden Corn Soup Pack 56.3 g

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Knorr Golden Corn Soup Pack 56.3 g
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Reviews (102)
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The price is almost the same as that in Taiwan, don’t be made money by purchasing agents
It's easy to make, boil water, pour the soup into it and cook for a while, then break an egg, pour it in and mix it, and you will get a bowl of delicious thick soup.
?Lillian ✨✨
I add some corn, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, egg crocus, and corn soup, and the delicious vegetable corn soup is ready. Delicious and convenient
Cook a pot of seafood corn soup, so fresh!
It is not recommended to buy, and it feels misguided because the two supermarkets in Taiwan or here are two-packed together. When I received this product, I was a little bit stunned, only one package, and it was messed up by other items. When discounted, a package is $1.99 , I personally feel that it is not cheap at all
The taste is average, too salty. A little disappointed.
Five packs at a time, you know how much you love your daughter, you must tune in
I like this one the most among all the flavors of Kangbao thick soup. Add some salt, tofu and corn to make it into a super big pot.
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56.3 g

Knorr Golden Corn Soup Pack

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