Knorr Hot and Spicy Soup Pack 50.2 g

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Knorr Hot and Spicy Soup Pack 50.2 g
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Reviews (54)
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One of our favorite products, it will be bought in stock when it is discounted, which is very convenient.
It’s delicious and convenient, and all tastes are good
It's lighter than I thought, okay, a lot of content has been added.
Very good soup. I recommended you trying it.
When I bought it for the first time, I really liked this hot and sour soup. I added carrots, fungus, tofu, and eggs, so I could have two meals!
Yum! I like this more than the Hong Kong version, more white pepper taste
The taste is what I like and will repurchase!
This soup is too bad! There is nothing in it. Adding egg chopped green onion and chopped green onion barely looks ok, and the taste is also very strange. It just feels spicy and has no fragrance, and the other taste is much worse.
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Unit Qty:
50.2 g
Wheat (Gluten), Soy.

Ingredients list: potato starch, maltodextrin, dried vegetables, sugar, salt, black fungus, palm oil, chili powder, coriander

Allergens: This product contains soy and wheat products.

Shelf life: one year

Please store in a dry and ventilated place.

This product uses carefully selected black fungus and bamboo shoots from Taiwan. No preservatives or artificial MSG are added.





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