Kobayashi Lingerie Soap 120 ml

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Kobayashi Lingerie Soap 120 ml
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Reviews (23)
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It's a small bottle, but I hope it's easy to use, try it
Very good mistake. Have been using this to wash inside
This is easy to use, especially during the menstrual period, it is very clean.
I just received it and it's useless, but the brand is trustworthy
It’s a very small bottle. My husband thought it was a panty disinfectant laundry detergent, so I used so much at once
This is so easy to use, it's clean and clean.
This is easy to use, but it's a bit expensive and a small bottle
I bought it in other places before, so I can buy it at a special price.
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120 ml

Feeling annoyed by the blood stains on lingerie during period? The Lingerie Soap saves your time and energy. In only 20 minutes, you can thoroughly remove the period stains on lingerie. Also, blood stains on clothing other than lingerie which are caused by incised or stab wound can be cleaned. 

How to use:

1. Soaking Pour 10 ml of the soap and add 500ml of water or warm water to dilute. Soak the clothing for 20 minutes and wash off the stain with water accordingly. 2. With Washing Machine Dab the stain with appropriate amount of soap and rub gently. Then, wash it with the washing machine.


Made in Japan

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